By: Revanche

Roth Slackerliness

February 22, 2007

Yow! Guilt slap from Wanda! I’ve been lagging in my bi-weekly deposit to the Roth because I didn’t want to lock up the money I’m meant to deposit.

The reasons are mostly psychological.

1. My yearly earnings are starting off rather slow because I’m not doing more than half the projected overtime so some of my more ambitious “stretch goals” are going unfunded. Even though they’re stretch goals, not meeting them makes me insecure.
2. I usually use a combination of my planner and Yodlee to pay bills as they start coming due because I like to keep the money in my high interest savings accounts as long as possible. Since I’m going to be gone for nearly two weeks, I’ve got to pay up now.
3. The spendiness in preparation for the trip (covered by cash in the bank notwithstanding) has irritated every last fiber of my being that likes that cash JUST where it is: in the bank.

All told, I’m feeling a little financially naked and haven’t transferred my money to the Roth yet. As if that $80 is going to make a difference at this point! But I know that holding out leaves me on the doorstep of 2007, unable to step over the threshold to start funding my 07 Roth until I’ve filled up 2006’s. And that’s not taking a step towards my goal so much as turning my back on it. *tsk* Time to transfer!

Edit: Hmph. Apparently Vanguard doesn’t accept electronic bank transfers for less than $100.

2 Responses to “Roth Slackerliness”

  1. Wanda says:

    No slap intended! 🙂 The 2007 Roth didn’t come from disciplined, regularly savings – the bulk of it came from a bonus. I’d say you’re much better at planning and saving regularly (although I am trying to work on that), which arguably is more important than relying on windfalls to fund financial goals.

  2. 🙂 I know no slap was intended, it just reminded me that I needed one!

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