By: Revanche

Shufflin’ the monies

February 17, 2007

Two weekends left before I have to leave the country, so I’m running my feet off trying to get all the financial situations squared away: money for the Pa, money for the Ma, paying bills, etc. etc. It’s a bear, I tell ya.

Ma gave me my red envelope today, and I suspect she gave me a sheaf of Vietnamese money because she wanted me to open it up and show Pa what I got. She thinks she’s funny. This, however, goes against my pseudo-OCD rule of opening all the envelopes I get all at once. Still, I have my suspicions. So long as she didn’t give me Canadian money!

It’s Lunar New Year’s Eve, by the way. I’m thinking this year would be more “profitable” if I stayed away from my relatives instead of seeking them out as usual. Normally, I collect a red envelope from each aunt/uncle pair, but as I’m getting older and they keep having kids, I’d have to give multiple red envelopes to their kids! 😉 That’s right, ladies and gents, you can only game the system for so long! Hehe. To be perfectly honest, I’ve a half ton of work to do and not enough time or brainpower to do it, so I’d better get crackin.

3 Responses to “Shufflin’ the monies”

  1. mapgirl says:

    I didn’t know you were Asian!

    Lucky for me, Koreans aren’t too big into the red envelopes for lunar new year and there aren’t too many kids yet in our family. They’re all still under the age of 3.

    But I do remember bowing and stuff when you got money for new year or your birthday. The lower the bow the more money you got! Ah… Those were the days!

  2. I think our challenge was how “good” your good-wishes-for-the-new-year were. If you were super creative like Bro then you got approval. If you were just plain scared of people, like me, then you just got your envelope after a lot of teasing. Their money’s worth, you might say.

  3. happy lunar new year!

    the red envelopes from relatives seem to be fewer and fewer each year. relatives who dont come over for dinner but live closeby choose not to give any at all. when i was really young, i remember one couple gave me a whole dollar for chinese new year. fun times.

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