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TG for E-funds; and time IS money, I guess

February 11, 2007

Seriously. Thank GOD for emergency funds. If I had to sit here and try to find airfare and all that AND worry about where this money was coming from, I would be just about bald right now. And I’m pretty sure my spleen would have exploded too. Gross.

Grandma’s terribly ill now, and she’s at that age when we’re really not sure if we’re measuring her time left with us in minutes, hours, days or weeks. PaDucky’s got his plans, I think. He’ll be leaving next week because we just don’t know how long she can hold on for us.

As for me, well, it’s a little more complicated. Aside from dealing with the work schedule and making sure things keep moving while I’m gone, I’m still trying to coordinate with BoyDucky because this is the one and only chance he’ll have to meet my beloved grandmother. My only wedding-related wish as a little girl was that my husband would meet my grandmother, and vice versa. And since PadresDuckies actually feel that it’s a good idea, if he can make it, we’re trying to make arrangements for him to go as well.

I used at first, (thanks to Debthater), but the most affordable options that it turned up were the most time-consuming. I only have about a week or 8 days to do this, and I’m asking BoyDucky to leave his work at a really awkward time as well, so I just can’t take two days to get there. was a little more helpful in pinpointing some of the more common carriers that fly from here to there, and though there aren’t any direct flights there, I have narrowed down the possibilities to flights on Cathay Pacific. The price? About $1366. *faint* That’s without having my visa taken care of! I might have to sacrifice some time and go to my dad’s travel agent in Orange County who took care of the flight and his visa for about $1100ish.

Another point of contention is, assuming that he can still go with the timeline now it’s moved up, I want to pay for BoyDucky’s flight. My reasoning is that he just paid for an extravagant trip for us, and he’s still paying that off. *shudder*

He should NOT pick up more debt because of me. This is not going to be a trip for fun, this is not a trip for “us-time” and it’s going to be terribly stressful. I’m only asking him to go for purely selfish reasons: I want his moral support and I want him to meet my grandma. I should pay! It won’t bankrupt me. I have the e-fund, and I knew that this was coming.
Don’t I have a good point?

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  1. sabrina says:

    “My only wedding-related wish as a little girl was that my husband would meet my grandmother, and vice versa.”

    This meeting of the generations is obviously extremely important to you, as well as to the rest of the family. It represents respect and love and the honorable desire to “do things the right way.” It’s not a whim, it’s not wasteful frivolity. And not all benefits are tangible. So your heart has set this as a top priority; don’t let yourself second-guess the decision!

    If your e-fund can pay for BoyDucky, that’s fine (but, IMO, it’s not essential); maybe he can be the one to buy souvenirs or other extras. I hope that, despite the sad reason for the trip, it’s a good chance for you and BD to strengthen your “partnership.” Wishing you safe travels!

  2. ~Sabrina~ This may very well all be a moot point, but I still hope that something will work out. We’ll see. It’s really all a guessing game whether or not we’ll make it in time at this point but I’m still rather astonished that both my parents approved of bringing him.

  3. Wow, I hope things work out.

    That’s a huge step for your SO to meet your grandma. And it’s so thoughtful of you to pay for his trip.

    have a safe trip!

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