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Can Lotus owners actually afford them?

March 12, 2007

We were driving behind one of these in Los Gatos, and I’m convinced that someone driving a car THAT outrageous can totally afford it. As a PF blogger, I know that I should be more skeptical before assuming that the person behind that wheel is wealthy, but come on! A Lotus? I can’t imagine a Lotus salesperson wasting their time on an unqualified buyer.

That made me wonder, what is the profile of your average Lotus owner? Does a six figure income get you into the club? Edmunds lists the Lotus starting around 46 grand so it’s not as ultra-luxurious in the world of cars as I would have guessed. It’s still a pretty flashy car, though.

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  1. It sure is possible, a 50k car takes about $1k a month payment (over 60 months). I know several post college people that own expensive euro cars and live at home. Sadly it’s not all men, some women are getting into the car=mortgage payment game. I was also guilty of this at one point, now I drive used and american 🙂
    Oh and for the price of lotus, I’d get a BMW instead, easier to maintain /get service for.

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