By: Revanche

Five $1s

March 24, 2007

See? This is why I don’t carry cash. I had an emergency twenty in my wallet a week or two ago, and one thing led to another (a cup of soup, splitting a bag of fruit with a coworker, paying for parking …) until that fat twenty finally melted into five piddly ones. Luckily I still have those five dollars, and a few quarters, to cover parking when I meet up with an former high school teacher for lunch today!

3 Responses to “Five $1s”

  1. I had a $20 yesterday and so far only $11.30 is left. $10 of which will be for gas on Monday so I can say it is going to good use.

  2. sabrina says:

    The trick is to remember to put a new $20 in your wallet as emergency cash. Oops, that reminds me…

  3. ~ToBB~ I’m convinced that it’s the action of break the 20 that signals its doom …

    ~sabrina~ You know, that just fuels the vicious cycle! 🙂

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