By: Revanche

I Have Spring Fever

March 12, 2007

It’s 2:45 pm, and it’s gorgeous outside. Sunny, blue skies, a light breeze, a pleasantly dry heat, fresh(ish) air, and I can hardly keep my mind on my work. My work that I abandoned for more than a week, mind you, and what kind of sorry excuse for a workaholic am I, that I can’t keep my mind from wandering to other things? I need ice cream to squelch the little kid in me.

There are multitudes of things I’d rather be thinking about, all long term goals, and none of which I can afford if I don’t corral myself, git to work and earn my wages!

House? Condo? There’s every reason to continue waiting to purchase any kind of real estate. I want to have between 50-100k for a down payment and be ready for the commitment of a home.

Marriage: Even though there are still a thousand considerations [who’s going to take care of my parents? Or rather, how much will I be able to continue helping them when I’m married? Can I be sure that they’ll be in a good place before I leave?] I can’t help wanting to move on with my personal life. Then again, I still feel really unprepared for making that leap into marriage.

Travel: This is one of those times in which finding a sugar daddy would be SO convenient: going wherever, whenever, without having to worry about having money saved up? Great! But since BoyDucky’s not ridiculously wealthy and he’s the one I pick, .

School: Same old same old. I’m antsy at the job and feel like I’m not getting paid enough, but I still can’t afford to quit and go back to school yet. And the idea of going to school while working fulltime (50-60 hours a week)? Ugh. I’ll probably have to do it, I just haven’t reconciled myself to it just yet.

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  1. House/condo, if you live in california, I’d wait at least 2 years before considering. The prices are so inflated, it will have to be corrected. it’s true, they are not making more land in California, but have you seen all the available land there to begin with?

    Marriage, Funny story from work yesterday. My co-workers beat up on me for all the snacking (cookies, snickers, etc.) And one guy tells me he only lives a healthy lifestyle. So I asked, are you still getting married? (he is engaged), he said yes. Co-workers and all I agreed he’s not living a healthy lifestyle 🙂

    Travel, while it’s very cool to see all that you can on this beautiful planet, I think it’s equally important who you share those expierences with. Think you got this covered 🙂

    School, 50-60 hours a week? that’s pretty busy. Have you averaged out your hourly pay based on salary? A typical position is billed at 2080 hours a week, the average american works about 1867 hours, you sound like you do close to 3k hours. That’s pretty tough.

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