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3 trips, no baggage

April 7, 2007

I often ask BoyDucky to name three things for me. Three things he’d consider the most important “fun” items he’d spend on. Three things he’d like to do before he grows up. Three things we should definitely do for our wedding. Three reasons why we shouldn’t elope and skip the wedding nonsense.

His counter-proposal? Three trips before we have kids. We’re … well, I’m young 😉 and we both want to travel. And we like to travel together. Since we’re long distance, we spend more time travelling to each other than with each other, so we definitely want to discover new places together when we finally live in the same city. Trips within trips are fine and all (aka: the Vietnam trip: I had to travel to meet him, and then after we returned to the States, I had to travel back home again) but an actual trip in all its planning, budgeting and fussing glory is what we want.

We’d like to do three trips after we’re married but before we have kids, to see friends, to explore, to eat.

Where would you go?

I’ve got grandiose dreams in mind, none of which are affordable, I think:

1. Europe. Like naming an entire continent’s not cheating?
2. East Coast. I’ve got my 25K American Airlines miles ready and waiting, how ’bout you?
3. Someplace totally exotic. Er, was I supposed to wait for our honeymoon for this one? Does the honeymoon count? Should it count? And Comic-Con doesn’t count.

3 Responses to “3 trips, no baggage”

  1. Icy says:

    For a fabulous trip but great value try Turkey. I’ve was there six months ago, and it was the nicest place with the nicest people.

  2. ~Icy~ Turkey, hm? Can you tell me a little more about it? Where’d you go, what’d you do? Most importantly … how was the food?

  3. moneymonk says:

    The Carribean is always my favorite

    You cannot go wrong visiting any part of the Carribean. The weather is always perfect.

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