By: Revanche

Because it’s one of those days, and I need a laugh

April 23, 2007

Excerpts from a Sunday afternoon:

Friend 1: Are you wearing eyeliner?

Friend 2: No.
Friend 1: Are you wearing fake eyelashes?
Friend 2: Yes.
Friend 1: Are you wearing blush?
Friend 2: Yes.
Friend 1: You’re so rosy! Mine’s just eczema.

Friend 1: Uh, that’s not how you dance to Cheap Trick. I don’t know how you dance to them, but that’s not it.

Friend 1: Are you coming to the mall with me?
Friend 2: When will we be back?
Friend 3: Can we get back by 6?
Friend 1: Well, I’m just returning something …. I could be back by 4.
Friend 3: I never return stuff.
Friend 1&2: That’s why we shop from your closet.
Friend 3: Oh. Man.

Friend 1: Michael’s not a bad guy, he’s just REALLY into finance so sometimes he doesn’t have anything to talk about. We talk about clothes. He … made a joke about the Exponential Curve. Once in a while, we’ll throw something about interest out there and he gets all excited.
Me (wasn’t listening until “finances”): Ooh! Interest rates!! Uh, oh. Hi, I’m Michael.

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