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Duh, it’s FRIDAY!

April 6, 2007

All week I’ve been thinking: I can have Good Friday off if I want. Do I? I have lots of work, should I really take another day off after taking Monday off? Finally I decided to go for it since I’ve totally put in my time working weekends and such for the past … entire time I’ve worked at this job.

Apparently it never sank in. I was at the ATM this morning, frustrated that I didn’t have a pen even though I specifically thought “put a pen in your pocket for the ATM”, and wondering why on earth the bank’s doors were still open at 2pm on a Saturday.


*lightbulb* It’s not just Friday for me!! Happy Good Friday, everyone!

I got lots of financial stuff done today:

Recycled a few bagsfuls of cans – $6.15 (Oh, the irony: walking around the recycling station, people had littered … their bottles and cans. Come on!!)

Deposited my reimbursement from work for my train pass and various transportation, and birthday gifts purchased for the office: $128.13

Deposited a payment from BroDucky for some money I’d loaned him. (*cringe* I know, I swore that I’d never do that again and … I regretted it as soon as my resolve slipped. But, never again!! It is way too stressful dealing with finances, much less allow family and trust issues get into the mix. That’s just ugly.)

Filled in most of the remaining blanks in the past three months’ worth of bills on my Pearbudget file.
(I like the fact that I can make it web-based via Google Docs, but does anyone else find the navigation of the site really slow?)

Decided that April and May have to be no-spend months to make up for the free-flowing money in January and March. That leaves me all of June to save up for whatever budget I get for Comic-Con at the end of July!

Still left to do:

Trawl CashDuck to make some extra monies so the April and May’s budgets aren’t so squeezed that they start looking like those Pillsbury Dough tubes!

I have to get new windshield wipers for the DuckyCar. She’s needed wipers for a while now, but I just never got ’round to that.

Put together PaDucky’s resume. Keep your fingers crossed!!

2 Responses to “Duh, it’s FRIDAY!”

  1. Is recycling cans worth the extra money?

    I used to do it all the time when I lived with my parents. My dad was the heavy drinker at home and so he’d leave all these bottles of beer in the recycling and I thought it’d be nice to get some of the money back.

    But come weekend I’d have to drag the recycling box into my car and then unload it at the recycling center. and if you have even a bit of liquid leftover, they wont take it unless you empty it out. i found with gas and all the work required, it wasn’t so great after all.

  2. I recycle because it’s both extra cash and environmentally sound. Is it worth the extra cash? Not if that’s the only thing I was going to do, but I usually group all of my household chores like going to the bank and grocery shopping into one morning, and recycling becomes a stop on my way home.

    I’ll also take a car-less friend with me so that he can run errands of his own, and he usually does his cans around the same time so it’s a little extra pocket money for two people, not just one.

    I’m still in the every-penny-counts sort of frame of mind too, so yes, for me it’s worth the extra half hour.

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