By: Revanche

*gag* How excessive frugality can land you in … lots of water

April 4, 2007

or, in my case, half drown me. Usually, I bring a water bottle because I remember to drink water more often, and it’s less wasteful than using, and tossing, a cup a day. Something about a water cup just doesn’t register on my “drink me” radar. Unfortunately, I forgot my water bottle today.

Coworker offered to make me a cuppa hot chocolate right after I’d filled up my 12 oz cup with cold water. Torn, I decided to down the water so that I could get in on the hot choc action without wasting another cup. Apparently, coworker didn’t believe that I’d do that and started laughing at me when she realized that I was really drinking all my water in one go. Of course, that started me laughing and I nearly drowned myself.

All to save the office/environment another wasted cup. Go Mother Earth!

2 Responses to “*gag* How excessive frugality can land you in … lots of water”

  1. Golbguru says:

    LOL…you are frugal to the bone ! 🙂

  2. You know, when it counts! 😉

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