By: Revanche

How to combat online shopping?

April 30, 2007

For every shopping window you open, open up a personal finance or investing research page, like Yahoo Finance, or the Motley Fool. At least, those were my Ghostbusters when I was idly listening to a Style sement from some random morning show. I knew there was a reason I never watch morning TV!

Trying to read about 3 Stocks that Missed the Mark and the market moves of the Starwood hotels while browsing the shoes at and trying to find that REALLY cute denim dress featured on the show caused such a mental disconnect that my brain fizzed and I had to close up all the shopping windows.

You could practically hear the “zhoomp” of the shopping lobe shutting down, cowering in fear of the investing/saving lobes. I know, it’s two against one, hardly a fair fight. But when you figure it’s a zero-sum game with my paycheck, thank goodness the odds are weighted against spending!

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  1. sabrina says:

    And don’t you love it when the advertisers describe the clothes as “affordable” (“ONLY $XXX”) without knowing your budget?

  2. ~Sabrina~ It’s almost as though they’re trying to hoodwink you into believing that it IS affordable. Wait a minute …. sneaky devils!

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