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“May you have an interesting life” is not a proverb of blessing

April 22, 2007

A work acquaintance spent last week nagging me about my boring life, and how I needed to get out and have more fun “at my age.” After some thought, it didn’t seem like such a bad notion to enjoy life a bit more and I resolved to go with the flow if merrymaking plans arose, rather than squashing them with my usual “I’ve got to work” mutter.

Well, you know how that goes…. you don’t just ease into it, life just comes at you in a torrent of commitments. I planned to get my hair cut on Saturday and take BoyDucky’s friend out for lunch or dinner for his 30th birthday on Sunday. Friday evening, I swear, I could hear the gods tittering at my “planning”. This is how the story really goes:

Friday: My state tax refund hit my account, yay!

Saturday: A good friend’s mom turned 60, so I was invited to a surprise birthday lunch. After lunch, East Coast Friend (ECF) proceeded to find and buy me an awesome pair of sunglasses because she a) has been looking for sunglasses for me since high school, and b) she knew I was knee deep in no-spend month 1. I really only looked because I figured we’d have no luck again, I definitely didn’t expect her to get them for me!

Saturday afternoon: I was asked to relief babysit for BoyDucky’s brother and sis-in-law so BoyDucky’s family could have a family birthday dinner. Except I got into an accident on the freeway to the house. The idiot driving an SUV pulled that cutting-across-four-lanes move, and was going to take out the front of my car, so I had to pull into the first lane to try and avoid him. He hit the rear tire of my car anyway, and caused another car to go spinning across the highway behind us. My tire is flat, the hubcap is gone, and the wheel well is beat up. It could have been a lot worse, considering what he was doing, but now I have to deal with insurance, fixing my tire, fixing my car…… *sigh* Geebus. Babysitting Backup Friend (BBF) and I shared our consolation prize: Costco Dog and salad. As we were over an hour late to babysit, BoyDucky’s family postponed their dinner plans until Sunday. So that meant that the originally planned birthday dinner had to become a Sunday brunch. Except we were meant to have brunch with ECF and Co.

Sunday: We tried to schedule one earlier and one later, but ultimately had to split up for our respective brunches, instead. Then we gals had some good clean fun at ECF’s house w/ECF playing hairdresser and the rest of us playing Care Bears: The Game That Melts Cold Hearts. No reading required. Ages 4-8. Doesn’t that motto strike anyone as a little mean?

I’m back now, with Moom’s tag to work on, dinner to make and work to do. *Sigh* I can’t wait to hide at home next weekend!! (with my spiffy new sunglasses perched atop my shaggy hair, of course.)

Oh, and Stater Bros. has their Ragu pasta sauces on sale for 99 cents a jar. Silver lining, anyone?

Spendy spendy:
$5, Costco
$0, sunglasses (courtesy ECF)
$0, Sunday brunch (courtesy BBF)
$???, car accident

2 Responses to ““May you have an interesting life” is not a proverb of blessing”

  1. sabrina says:

    That was a lot more than a busy weekend… thank G-d you weren’t hurt in the accident!

    I hope the other guy’s insurance will pay for all the repairs and a rental car, too, if you need one. And, if you haven’t already done so, it’s a good idea to report the accident to your own insurance co. (in case the other guy’s insurance info is not valid, they’ll have your report).

    Have a restful week at the office!

  2. ~Sabrina~ Yes, I could have done without the traumatic part, to be honest.

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