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One at a time, please!

April 28, 2007

You know that feeling when there are a hundred different issues and priorities floating in your mind, all vying for attention like a horde of kids swarming a favorite cousin? And then you have to firmly set them all down and explain in detail the distinct characteristics of a line, and the formation thereof? Else you’re just going to leave and not a one of them will be satisfied, darn it!!? Yeah, that’s about it right now.

The kids: “hard” finance, “soft” finance, “maintenance” finance, etc.

1. Hard:
~ Selecting funds for my new retirement plan with a 10% company match, and making sure that it jives with my existing supplemental retirement plan to which I’ll continue contributing. Roughly, 5% of my income is only approximately 1/3 of the amount I contribute paycheckly, so I’m making up the other 2/3 through the unmatched plan. It makes sense simply because I’m not out of pocket much more or less, and since my income fluctuates anyway, it’d be nigh on impossible to figure out exactly what 5% means in every OT scenario. I don’t have that luxury of time, I should be working!
Since I’m sticking with Vanguard, I’m considering an asset allocation composed of the following funds:
VTSMX – Total Stock Market Fund
– Large Cap Fund
– Mid-Cap Fund
– Small-Cap Fund
– Emerging Markets Value Fund
– International Growth Fund

2. Soft:
~ Fill out the DMV’s SR-1.
~ Start selecting body shops to get the estimates for the car.

3. Maintenance:
~ Cut the rent check
~ Decide if it’s worth spending X amount from my personal care account for something I can probably do on my own, just not as well. (This is a matter of time, which I don’t have as well, and I actually don’t have much wiggle room in the budget, so I’ll just do it myself.)

4. Etcetera:
~ Get ready for the Little Boss’s lunch out in the (bourgie) boonies. Have to rely on a friend for a ride because we’ve two cars between three people, and Ma&PaDucky have conflicting schedules today.
~ Consider Little Boss’s wife’s job offer. It wasn’t a firm offer, per se, but she was looking into finding openings for Pa and didn’t have anything that fit for him at the time. She suggested that I consider taking on a sales position with her team part-time because it has greater earning potential than any other part-time gig I could have. Except, I’m the total opposite of a sales personality. Anyway, this is probably a topic for an entirely different post.

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m a longtime reader reading through your archives while on the bus. Just wanted to say that I really like the word “paycheckly”. 🙂

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