By: Revanche

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

April 30, 2007

You may recall, good readers, that I brunched and spent time with the friends last weekend. I might have mentioned, also, that we’re all at different places in our financial lives. Purtroppo (unfortunately), I forgot that one of the girls I could always rely on to be a fellow starving-college-student budgeteer is now working a real job with real pay and … is living on her own with no dependents.

As she lamented her recent weight loss but not in the *ahem* assets, that made a $150 dress fit perfectly but for one key area, I said, “Hey, it’s a good thing you can’t fit into a dress you can’t afford anyway, right?”

Friend: “Of course I can afford it.”

*thwomp* Now where did my foot go…? Ahh… yes.

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