By: Revanche

Penetrating anonymity

April 3, 2007

I feel vaguely dirty.

I stumbled across my coworker’s blog address while looking for her friend’s website (on which she sells pretty pretty bags, but that’s for another post). I promptly typed in the address and checked it out.

Her most recent post was about her discovery that one of our coworker’s pending layoff, and her feelings about the matter. I discovered that everyone’s impressions to the contrary, she actually doesn’t like him or having to talk to him. (There are peculiarities about him that puts everyone off, rather Miltonish.) These are all things that no one overtly discusses in the office, probably because it smacks of gossip and seems mean-hearted.

Let’s be clear here: she posted the address with her picture online, on her friend’s public webpage. There didn’t seem to be any attempts at anonymity, and she’d mentioned before that she had a blog, in utter contrast to my blog which is cloaked in secrecy and positively drips of shadows and daggers. However, it’s not like she mentioned “I have a blog …. which you can/should check out.” So, I feel kind of dirty.

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