By: Revanche

Whoops, my Citi Premier Pass card is holding 14,277 Thank You Flight Points hostage

April 26, 2007

I’d been eagerly awaiting the infusion of Citi Thank You Flight points from the Vietnam trip: a little over 30,000 points! Except I completely forgot that they will only release Flight Points up the number of regular Thank You points that have been transferred from that card to your Thank You account. You have to earn the equivalent number of Spend points to get your Flight points.

Since I earned approximately 3000 regular points buying the flights to Vietnam, and got a bonus 15,000 points with my first purchase, PremierPass only liberated 17000 Flight points. Curses! And I’ve already charged my insurance to my regular use card, so that’s one fewer big-ticket item I can use to emancipate those remaining points.

Though I generally use credit cards to pay as many bills as possible and can switch to this card (insurance, cell phones, internet, cable) it still doesn’t add up to spending $14,000, and certainly not in the next 8 months (because I’m not keeping this card w/ a $75 annual feel)! Hm, any ideas?

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