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Busy busy busy weekend!

May 29, 2007

Wow, happy Tuesday everyone! What a jam-packed weekend it’s been! I hope y’all got as much done with just as much free time in between things to relax and enjoy.

The Friday elopement took FOUR HOURS. We raced from my work to the courthouse, only to arrive about 5 minutes late for their appointment. The clerk reassured them that it would be fine, they’d just have to wait a little while. 30 minutes later, we realized that perhaps Friday courthouse weddings were a tad more popular than we expected. I wondered what everyone’s story was: were they here because it was spur of the moment? (well, as spur of the moment as it can be, since you have to have your license all worked out before you can make an appointment for the ceremony) Were they avoiding the big wedding hullaballoo? Were they trying to avoid the big Asian ceremony that I’m dreading?

Surprisingly, once we stepped into the wee chapel, the whole thing became extremely nerve-wracking. I thought I’d made my peace with the idea of keeping this a secret, and that my best friend was getting married. But no, it hadn’t sunk in yet. Still hasn’t. Quite frankly, I couldn’t believe we were actually going through it all. Then we stood in line AGAIN after the ceremony to turn in the application for the certificate. Two hours of standing in line rubbed off some of that just-married glow. But when the new hubby left us in line so he could feed the meter, some guy walking past did a double-take and leered because he thought that it was us two girls who’d gotten married!! Of course we started giggling. Who wouldn’t? Apparently he didn’t see this sign:

(Yeah, there were signs posted that we could only take pictures in the chapel. No, I sure didn’t see them until after I’d taken all my illicit photos of the other signage.) Wedding: 15 minutes. Waiting in line and traffic: 3.5 hours. Ugh!

I spent Saturday running errands and attended a coworker’s father’s funeral. I haven’t been to an American funeral since high school, so I ended up wearing all black – isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Had no idea, so I picked out all my black, warm-weather clothing and called it an outfit. It was insanely hot too, I found myself sweating within seconds of getting into my car.

Sunday, I ambused my water-hating dog and gave her a bath outside. We sunbathed for about an hour waiting for her to dry after I washed my car. I should have taken a picture of her, she was being too cute! She kept pushing my book out of the way so she could lay her head in my lap, or rolling onto her back for a belly rub. She’s really not actually lapdog-sized, either. Don’t tell her that though, she still hasn’t figured it out. Then I spent the rest of my day resting the rest of the righteous: feet up on my desk, reading a book, and NOT working. Mmmmm… yeeeeeesss…. that was good.

Monday was a pick-up-and-get-done day: I had work and laundry to get done, and my friends came back from their year in France/Morocco/Spain so we hit Coldstone’s for some good, old-fash, overpriced specialty ice cream and free gossip. The Citrus Sunsation smoothie was surprisingly good, despite the THREE dollar price tag on a little 6 or 8 ounce cup. And they use styrofoam, I just can’t get behind that.

2 Responses to “Busy busy busy weekend!”

  1. Don’t they think the ‘secret’ is going to come out eventually.
    Come tax time are they going to file single or married?

  2. ~Tired~ They (we!) hope that no one stumbles across this before the public wedding sometime in March. Come taxtime, they will have been married legally for half of 2006. I think that means they have to file married, no?

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