By: Revanche

Hah, hypocrisy in action

May 4, 2007

After I published that last post, I saw my empty Roth 2007 meter. I’m not a total hypocrite, I have $1200 in savings waiting for 1800 more friends so they can go to Contribution Heaven together.

Waaaait a minute!! I’m an idiot. No really, I’m an idiot!! I was thinking of my 2007 IRA as a wholly new IRA, independent of last year’s, so that meant I had to meet the $3000 minimum again. What? Well, I would, if the investing world were run by idiots like me!! That logic is completely illogical.


I really hope that this is just a product of my sleep deprivation, and not a general indication of my financial intelligence. Do we have such a thing? Financial IQ?

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