By: Revanche

The price of eggs

May 14, 2007

As Moneydummy noted, the price of eggs has been astronomical of late. The local grocery store prices a carton of 18 eggs at 4.50, BOGO. At first, 36 eggs for 4.50 might sound like a bargain, but it’s really not. That’s a dozen more eggs than we need for the next 2-3 weeks, and encourages both the waste of money (1.50) and the eggs (1 dozen).

Luckily, I had my cell phone with me and checked in with MaDucky who advised me to go to Longs Drugs. It turns out that their regular price is less than half that of Vons’, and only cost me 2.50 for 2 dozen eggs. Certainly worth the $2 savings and knowing that none of the eggs will go to waste. Yes, it cost me an extra 5 minutes to stop at another store, but it’s just across the street from my house anyway, so I didn’t go out of my way either.

Another option that just occurred to me is Trader Joe’s. I know BoyDucky always goes to TJ’s for his eggs because they’re 99 cents/dozen, but if they have a few other basics at lower prices than Vons’ sale prices, it’d be worth splitting the trips, again because TJ’s is just across the street from my house. I should have checked it out yesterday instead of making a beeline for Longs but I had juice and yogurt in the car, and tunnel vision to boot.

Next week, I plan to scout Trader Joe’s for their pricing on staples like milk, eggs and bread, while trying to avoid those landmines of specialty goodies they always have. I love good food, but with the price of gas these days it’s important to make sure the grocery dollars are stretched as far as they can go!

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