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Weekending: Scrapbook party!

May 24, 2007

In my experience, scrapbooking is not a frugal hobby, what with all the nifty gadgets and doodads like the stamp punches, 60-jillion types of scissors, and then of course the necessary papers, cardstock, stickers, letters, etc. The cost stalled my scrapbooking efforts for a while.

Luckily I have a friend who has purchased way too much of that stuff and doesn’t use it anymore, and wants me to borrow it instead of buying my own, so this can be affordable! At least, it’ll amply supplement my stash of paper, stickers and borders that I haven’t used because I have a horrible fear of (glue to paper) commitment.

All I have to do is go get it, or perhaps she’ll even bring it to me! And this Sunday, I’m planning to meet up with a few train friends to make a few more pages for my Italy scrapbook. We’ll pool our resources and tools so we don’t all need our own shape-cutter, blades, and cutting mats. At this rate, I may finish the book in time to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of my one vacation to Italy, way back in ’02! (Aw geez, I just realized I only have 5 more years until that date, better get hoppin’!)

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  1. what would you recommend getting for scrapbooking? i’ve got the books and some paper – haven’t done a thing and it’s been a few years. would love to get started but dont want to spend to much.

  2. ~Sf~ My most helpful basics were a cutting mat, an exacto knife and metal ruler because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money right off. But if you know you’re going to scrap for a while, you can get a nice little cutter set with the 40% coupons from Michael’s. I’m a terrible letterer, so I spent a few bucks on the alphabet stickers. I have friends who created their own lettering from cardstock and sheer genius, but that’s just not me.

    A few standard punches are nice, and you can get the funny shaped scissors fairly cheaply, too. I took a stack of photos to a free scrapbooking class at Michael’s last year, and used the free supplies to create a page or two, also. I feel funny giving scrapping advice because I’m really not that good at it, but I hope this helps!

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