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Yar! THIS is why I should have saved those Thank You Points!

May 21, 2007

BoyDucky asked me to go to a wedding with him and his brother/sis-in-law in Vancouver this July. A looksee on,, and later, it seems that the airfare is not just ‘spensive, it’s pretty ridiculous.

I went through the whole process of agonizing over whether I can really afford to spend $450 on airfare and another $200 on the hotel. You can, however, can skip the agonizing: that’s a no. Or at least I couldn’t possibly justify it. And then the epiphany hit me: If I had just held off on redeeming all those points for another week, redeeming them for gift cards I won’t need anytime soon after all, I could have my ticket! And I could have probably redeemed more points for the hotel stay! *groan* Now how am I supposed to learn my lesson about the evils of hoarding when this sort of coincidence occurs?

I feel like a prize just slipped through my fingers.

I’m still 3k United Miles shy of the required 25k, or 6k Thank You points short, looking over all my rewards accounts. I suppose I could look into converting some Starwood points (20k points –> 25k miles) into United miles, if I want to give up on my Starwood points for now.

Right about now I’m not sure if it would have been better to consolidate and focus my rewards earning on just one or two accounts, or if I should be grateful that there may still be some point gyrations that would save me $450-650.

Yar, I say! Thar be fist-shakin’ in the Ducky household tonight. (There also be some consideration of asking Big Boss if he couldn’t spare a few, oh, say, 25k miles. What? It could be a “creative” perk!)

Ah well. I could always not go.

Edit: Holy cow! The only award flights available are 50k miles!

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