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Non-traveler’s guilt

June 25, 2007

Wanda brings up the conundrum I frequently debate: to travel or not to travel?

In particular, my group of friends had a mini-pool party this weekend, and we got to chatting about trips we’d love to take. The conversation rapidly evolved into a discussion of weekend trips we could actually take over the summer like a kayaking trip either over by Alamitos Bay or in the Channel Islands, or camping in Yellowstone, or a long weekend in New York.

B, an outspoken blonde, asked with some asperity if we were ever going to take a cruise as we’re always talking about it, and never actually do it? Cue the requisite “Can we take a cruise when we have money?” from a few members of the group. B’s response? Absolutely guaranteed to give me hives: “That’s what credit cards are for. I’m in debt anyway, what does it matter?” *shuddering uncontrollably* Seriously???

I withheld my mental, knee-jerk, ranty response to her disparaging implication that now that she’s got money, others should be willing to pony up for fun regardless of their circumstances.

I only said that I didn’t believe in getting into debt for luxuries, but it did turn my mind to the trip to Italy and Greece that my best friend is taking with her family next year, and whether or not I’m refusing to consider it out of an enforced sense of poverty? I expect it would cost approximately $2000-2500 and I already have about 130 vacation hours. Sure I don’t have the money yet, but if (and this is a BIG if) the rumors about a substantial raise really do come through, could I? And I really want to go. Of course, if I evaluated everything on the basis of how much I really want it …. 🙂

To be honest, you know what I’m really looking forward to if that raise truly comes through? Giving my mom a monthly allowance. I’m sure it couldn’t be much, but it would mean, to me, that she would see that she doesn’t have to slave away at her various jobs, earning a mere pittance, so that she’s not a burden to me. It would mean that she isn’t a burden to me and I could prove it. And for her to believe that? Priceless. So, really, there are more important things in life than going on a trip or three.

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  1. Travel is one of the few things we feel good about actually spending money on. There’s never buyer’s remorse. (Of course helping out your parents is also a worthy priority.)

  2. ~Bart~ I know that if I DO take the plunge and go for the trip, there actually won’t be regret. Stress beforehand to make sure it happens without causing major problems, yes. Regrets? Nu-uh!

  3. […] They still fought for their pride, for my sake, for our survival. Dad kept searching and digging, working odd jobs for old friends who would find something they needed his skills for.  Mom was willing to put up with the worst of environments as long as she was helping me with a bit of cash at month’s end.  They were driving themselves crazy (and me, into the bargain) for nearly nothing in return but to spare me an hour of work and I couldn’t stand it, so I took everything over.  But as long as they could, they tried.  We were at emotional cross purposes, all fighting, pulling each other away from our positions to protect one another from pain. […]

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