By: Revanche

Rebounding after two months of No-Spending

June 6, 2007

I haven’t got anything exciting to report: I made it through no-spend months of April and May by hook and by crook, and not without some scars to show for it. Definitely didn’t no-spend like I had intended, having bought a couple few things here and there, but I was, at least, hyperaware of overspending my budget of ZERO. For example, the money spent on eating out was minimized greatly as I didn’t allow myself to slip in the occasional bought lunch at work, but I still took my family out for Mother’s Day. I’m mean, it was Mother’s Day. You don’t skip Mother’s Day for budgetary reasons unless you’re actually broke.

I was still allowed to spend on highly routine things like grocery shopping, and the odd fill-up. And, er … *guilty conscience* a pair of jeans because I couldn’t squeeze into my existing pairs of jeans. Come on, girls, you know what I’m talking ’bout, right?? Apart from looking like you’ve got sausages for legs, it’s just not comfortable. In defense of my professionalism, I needed some jeans that fit. And boy, these fit.

Oh, but the other way I avoided spending was not my usual ya-don’t-need-need-it routine. That only worked for a few things. For other things, I just put off buying until later. My tickets for Comic Con, for instance. I should have bought them at the end of last year’s Con as usual. But I didn’t. And every month thereafter didn’t seem like a good month for frivolous expenses. Now that it’s June, I’m fresh outta time. I had to buy them now because after June 7th, the prices go up again!

And then I decided to commit to another round of yoga for part of the summer. After wasting my money on the last set of classes last year and not attending every class, I’ve learned my lesson. It’s only $51/6 classes, but 1) I have to leave work an hour early, and 2) that’s another chunk of money I’m spending. And it’s only the first week of June!

Forget bored-spending, I have to watch this rebound spending!

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