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My Biggest Comic Con expense prediction: It won’t be the fun stuff

July 23, 2007

It won’t be the toys, gifts, comics, parking, or even the food. Especially not the food because my friend’s unspeakably awesome mother has not only offered to put us up, a veritable swarm of her children and their associates, she’s even planning to cook breakfasts and dinners, and provide lunch fixings so that we don’t have to spend any of our money on food. Seriously. She’s awesome. And not a little crazy, because there will be 6-8 of us, on any given day.

It’ll be the gas. I’m going to have to drive to work (90 miles, round trip), and then come home in time, just after noon, to go pick up BoyDucky for our long haul down to San Diego (+120 miles). Then of course, I have to come home on Sunday (+120). Or I could leave Sunday morning, drive up to Long Beach for BoyDucky’s tournament, and drive back from that (+170, +50 miles).

All told, I could be driving about 330-440 miles this coming week. That’ll be a nice chunk of change.

2 Responses to “My Biggest Comic Con expense prediction: It won’t be the fun stuff”

  1. Ooo honey you’re driving as much as me! I just went 18 hours driving, 1600km one-way, and I have to go 1600km back on Saturday. 😛

    Longest road trip… ever.

  2. ~Fab~ Actually, I think you’ve got me beat! 18 hours?? In a single trip?? You’re crazy! 🙂

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