By: Revanche

No free trip to Maui for me

July 31, 2007

My friends offered me a free tip to Maui. Both my airfare and lodgings would have been paid for, if I could take off August 7th-14th. In fact, since I was still going to be on a business trip, the offer was even adjusted so that I could come a day later. Um, this year. What is that, a week from now?? Even if I weren’t still on a business trip, and even if I weren’t such a planny-planner who has to have things set months in advance, the catch is that the invitation was issued so that I would help take care of their 18-month-old boy. In other words, a glorified babysitter, or an au pair.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t give up this opportunity due to any misplaced sense of pride – no way! It’s just that I spent a full weekend babysitting the little guy, and he’s darling, but whoooo! 25 pounds, 4 hours a day and my arms felt like I’d been benchpressing the entire time. *lament* If it weren’t for my physical limitations/medical problems, this could have been my golden ticket to the lovely beaches of Maui. MAUI!

Instead I ceded the offer to my other friend. Have fun, kid. Have fun.

3 Responses to “No free trip to Maui for me”

  1. I don’t know.. I don’t think I would’ve accepted either.. honestly, running after a kid while you’re on “vacation” is no picnic. It wouldn’t be much of a vacation in my opinion!!!

  2. Single Ma says:

    I would have passed on that offer too. Sounds like they would have enjoyed the ocean/sand while you were stuck changing poopy diapers. No thank you!

  3. Ugh, I hadn’t even thought about the poopy diapers. I was just thinking about chasing the little critter all over Maui! He’s fast!

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