By: Revanche

Auto Expenses: $960

August 21, 2007

Five minutes, and six clicks. That’s all the time it took to put nearly a thousand dollars’ worth of car insurance and registration for los PadresDuckies on my credit card. I give thanks that, for the most part, scrimping and saving every little bit is worth it and I haven’t been caught up short by “unexpected” expenses. And I’m really lucky to have a good job security, as much of my health as I’ve needed to work that job, and developed strong saving and planning habits. Well, ok, it wasn’t actually luck on that first or last. I have job security because I’ve worked my dang tushy off, and save like a fiend because I have bag-lady syndrome. Probably will for the rest of my life, too! As Blunt Money and SingleMa remind us, the three D’s have a lot to do with it, too: decisions, determination and dedication.

I’m reminiscent about this time four years ago when things were really tough. Four years ago, I was still at university working on my (lib arts, aka: won’t make much) degree, working 60 hours a week, had just lost my first dog to heart failure after two years of treatments, taken on a car payment and felt tied to my job because of it, and still lived with my brother so was losing an ounce of sanity a day. Stress was at a premium. I wasn’t ever sure I could make ends meet, and I definitely wasn’t saving anything.

A couple bills like this would have ruined my week. My months, even. Anticipation would have killed off a few weeks prior, I’d have a few weeks’ grace period because it’d go on my card, and meanwhile would have had to work even more overtime at my $10/hour job to cover rent, tuition, utilities and car bills.

Now? I sigh sadly that the money’s going out instead of coming in, and sigh with relief that I can say the most of that money is already sitting in the account designed specifically for that purpose.

Moral? If I can get from there to here, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t try to get from here to way … over … there (gesturing to greener pastures of people with health, wealth and wisdom)!!

4 Responses to “Auto Expenses: $960”

  1. Sistah Ant says:

    looking back encourages me too. progress is progress. and my past progress helps me believe in future progress.

  2. Your moral is so true. Looking back at your history is critical to moving forward, stronger and better.

  3. For me, it wasn’t that long ago that a couple of bills would sink me, and make me scramble to juggle the next paycheck to cover it, while covering bills.

    Now that I track every single expense, and I know exactly when my money is coming in and where it’s being allocated for that month. 🙂

    I know the feeling…

  4. ~Sistah Ant~ Absolutely. If you could do it in the past, you can keep on doin’ now.

    ~ToBB~ It’s encouraging, is what it is.

    ~Fab~ It still doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago. I think I’d have to be comfortably wealthy for a LONG time for this bag lady syndrome to wear off.

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