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Home from school today: some housekeeping

August 6, 2007

I didn’t go into work today on the premise that I’ve have more Ma-sitting to do, but she and Pa are off to get some of her labwork done and she doesn’t need me for that. Still, my body is rebelling so it’s a good thing I got that extra rest to ease the aches in my old bones.

Meantime, I do have some goodish news on the financial front. What? That’s what this blog is about?? 🙂

1. My Chase rewards check came in: +$50
2. Lil Boss reimbursed me for the gifts for coworkers from Con and for my transportation: +$125
3. Lil Boss also gave me my cell phone stipend: +$50
4. The Banquet TMF rebate came in: +$7.99

I’m still waiting on:
1. 8 months overdue Cardoffers check: -$60
2. Payout from DealBarbie: -$21
3. 2 months worth of payment from Bro: -$1400
4. 4 months of loan payment: -$4000

And it turns out that the mysterious thousand dollar deposit into my checking account really was from my uncle (yay). But it’s not for me (boo). It’s for his father in law who doesn’t have a bank account. I ought to start charging transfer fees if they’re using me as Western Union! How does MsMini’s Money sound? Oh, kind of like I want to just TAKE their money, huh? Let’s not explore that further. 😉

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