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Insurance: Go 50/50 or go for broke?

August 28, 2007

My car insurance agent, Mr. Pokey Agent Man, finally faxed me a copy of the police report from my car accident back in April and tells me that the companies are willing to settle 50/50 because the report is inconclusive and it’s come down to my word against that of the Idiot Driver who tried to run me out of my lan and then hit me anyway.

My options are to accept a 50/50 decision, which means that it’s no-fault on either side, and pay half the deductible and the insurance companies pay for half of the damages, or go to arbitration to pursue an actual decision.

The play it safe side of me says to take the 50/50. “No fault” is good, and I have the $500 in the bank, sort of. Well, I can, anyway. The truth and justice side of says that’s a crock. HE hit me when he was driving recklessly, I got out of his way and he still hit me (on the rear left side, basically at my wheel well). Therefore that side wants to go to arbitration and pursue a 0/100 decision against him.

It’s clear to ME what happened, but what’s the arbitrator going to decide? I’ve got photos of the damages done to my car but I can’t tell if it’s obvious there that he hit me either. And I can’t really expect a Holmesian arbitrator, I’d just have to hope for the best arbitrator to be interested in deciphering how it all went down and then deciding for me.

That’s sort of a lot to take on faith. What to do?

3 Responses to “Insurance: Go 50/50 or go for broke?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Would the 50/50 settlement raise your insurance? If not, I’d take it.

  2. Patrick says:

    I would go in prepared with as much information as possible, including diagrams, your actions, how you were in the right and obeyed laws, photos and anything else to backup your case. Then I would state my case in a matter of fact manner, and NEVER let my emotions get in the way. Chances are the other person will not be nearly prepared as you are, and I believe the arbiter will favor the more prepared party. I have effectively argued an accident in a similar manner (but only between the two insurance companies). Good luck either way.

  3. ~anon~ No, it should not raise my insurance. But I would be out $500 (half my deductible).

    ~Patrick~ Apparently arbitration is a third party who simply evaluates all of the information available and then makes a decision. I guess we don’t actually participate. I am working on the diagram, and I have photos of the car as well, so I’ll be sending that along to the insurance agent.

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