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I’ve really got to stop eating out so much

August 27, 2007

but a girl’s got to eat, and I’m not cooking for a horde of friends and a few strangers each time we want to meet up.

We sent NY friend #2 back to the East Coast with a classy In’n’Out dinner last week, and experienced a rather surreal encounter with some high school acquaintances at the same dinner. We caught up a bit over beers at the pub up the street, and darned if it wasn’t the weirdest thing. Now I can definitely skip my ten year reunion! After all, I keep in touch with all the high school friends I want to, I think, and even met up with those I’d rather have forgotten.

On Friday, we had dinner with Boston friend at a lovely Argentinian restaurant where the drinks were yummy and prices were just fabulous! My swordfish skewers with yellow rice was simply amazing, de-skewered for my convenience and tablemates’ safety, for only $10. The helping of yellow rice was enormous, just how I like it, and moist with onions and bits of bell pepper. Mmmm … I’ll take you sometime, if you come visit me.

Saturday was full of accomplishing: I picked up Old Dog’s medicines, got a little grooming out of the way, went to the bank, got a tank of gas, and discovered the wonderful world of orthotics! At first I picked up the Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles ($6), and Ball of Foot gel inserts ($5) but realized that I really needed orthotics with arch support. So I went and got a pair from Target ($6) so that I could have these (on sale, $17.99):
Honestly, I had really wanted these because they seemed a little more demure and professional:

but they were $30, and anyway, weren’t in either of the Targets I checked so I couldn’t try them on. So the sassy Mary Janes were in. Even better, the shoes and orthotic with arch support were only $25.36. My MyPoints giftcard covered all but $0.36.

Sunday: I got loads of laundry done, went to the mall and returned that shirt to Banana Republic, and something to another store, and picked up a couple somethings. Lunched at Kabuki’s (I wouldn’t recommend it, it was lackluster and didn’t live up the decor) with a friend and his friend, and brought home leftover beef short ribs and chicken teriyaki for lunch tomorrow. Not bad for $15, but not particularly good either.

I also gave my brother an earful for stringing me along for the past couple months, not paying or calling me to explain his failure to pay, and his related immaturity. I always feel like I’m letting him get away with it when I don’t take him to task, and so he got his rightfully earned scold tonight. He’s got to learn about responsibility.

7 days of food spending:
$6, In-n-Out
$18, Argentinian dinner
$15, Kabuki lunch
$?, dinner tonight to see off NY friend #3

2 Responses to “I’ve really got to stop eating out so much”

  1. I love In’n’out burgers! I love to order them in different combos and get my fries smothered with cheese!

  2. Katie says:

    Mmmm, I love In N Out! We always stop there when we visit my in-laws in Southern CA.

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