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Whoa, it’s about to get spendy around here!

August 8, 2007

After I found out about my raise, I let myself daydream about all the “stuff” that money could buy. Just to psych myself out, mostly, and let myself enjoy a good laugh before I committed everything to savings. At least this way I’d get the impulse buys out of the way mentally, right?

Maybe, eventually, a Bluetooth headset to replace my existing hands-free set. I hate the hands-free I have now, because it’s all tangly and gets caught on doorknobs, trips me running from bus to train, and gets pulled out of my ear constantly, but can’t use the phone without it either. Still, it works so there’s no sense in getting a new thing to throw an old, functioning thing out. Maybe when it breaks. Not on purpose! But when it dies a natural death, I’m allowed one Bluetooth headset.

Other than that, no particular treat is wanted. BoyDucky’s birthday gift is already together, mostly, so I might want to work on our three-year anniversary gift. I owe Friend S a few gifts for Christmas, and the best friends might get something as well. Other than that? I’m good. All monies can go to rebuild that emergency cushion I’ll lose in January.

Enter: friends with weddings.

Suddenly we’re shopping shopping shopping. And lunching. And dinnering. I’ve bought more lunches and dinners these past few days than … well, let’s just say, it’s been a lot. It’s not a whole lot, but $15 here, and $20 there, eventually it all adds up.

She put down a $200 deposit on her $750 wedding dress (on sale), we’re talking about bridesmaid dresses between $150-$170 before alterations, we’re talking bachelorette party with going out and dressing up, and we’re talking multiple bridal showers. We’re talking MONEY. Holy cow.

None of the bridesmaid dresses she’s liking thus far come in junior bridesmaid sizes so we’ll have to cut down an adult dress for me. This has happened before. It’s not easy and most especially it’s not cheap. Yesterday, I wanted to contribute to her wedding dress as her wedding gift because I knew she had only wanted to spend $300 on it. Today, I can’t even afford my own dress! I know when I’m out-walleted: her parents can chip in on the rest of that dress if they’d like.

We still have our New York trip unplanned which, by the way, hasn’t been financed yet.

I don’t begrudge the time, effort and some money — this is my best friend from about the 5th grade. It’s just a little stunning how quickly the obligations and spending pitfalls open up. And how often we have to eat during these long brainstorming sessions. We’re going to be really creative and careful about a lot of things here on out, but the main things like dresses that require alterations will be costly. Any seamstresses or seamstressy advice out there?

[I can’t believe she’s really getting married and moving away really soon. Yikes!]

3 Responses to “Whoa, it’s about to get spendy around here!”

  1. SavingDiva says:

    Weddings do add up quickly. I haven’t had to be in one yet, but I’ve had to go to 3 this summer. Hotels, dresses, presents (for bridal shower & wedding), bachelorette parties, etc.

  2. sabrina says:

    About the multiple bridal showers:
    You could give “sweet and sentimental” token gifts at each of the showers (so you don’t go empty-handed) and then give just one major wedding gift.

  3. ~savingdiva~ After my 3-wedding summer two years ago, I declared an annual limit on the number of weddings I would attend, much less be a part of. I think that was the birth of our scheduling weddings: no one wanted weddings to overlap and steal another’s thunder 🙂 Thank goodness my closest friends are easily convinced.

    ~sabrina~ That’s a good idea. I might go with a series of letters leading up the big event. In this case, a timeline of our shenanigans (if I can remember them all!) might be entirely appropriate.

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