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Many many moons later ….

September 24, 2007

I apologize, it’s been an age since I last blogged. Much has happened since you last tuned in: we survived the conference in San Diego, a marriage proposal was made during my absence and the birthday weekend was cold, rainy and full of comic books and sleeping in. Ok, not much has happened at all, really. We do, however, have the two final candidates for the bridesmaid dress! (courtesy of David’s Bridal).

Our first contestant is a lovely satin number. She takes after her mother, a ball gown, and has her father’s sense of flair with that beaded band across her middle. Please meet contestant number one!

Our second contestant is a daring charmeuse/chiffon. She’s got flair in the form of a cute tail, or as we in the business like to call it, a “back cascade.” The empire waist and chiffon halter are unified in our formfitting contestant number two!

Both dresses will require quite a bit of alteration, though I think the second one would be less complicated. I need to rustle up a personal seamstress whose services I can afford on a regular basis because I simply don’t have the expertise to tell what is and isn’t feasible. Opinions, anyone?

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  1. sabrina says:

    What a beautiful color!

    In my non-expert opinion, dress #2 might be easier to take in at the back. However, if the dress is too long for you, the “tail” might go down to the floor (unless that can be shortened, too). It would probably be easy to adjust the bodice at the neckline, if it needs to be taken in. But I think that dress #1 is lovely, too, and maybe the alterations would be just as easy and successful. Sorry, I’m no help at all! 😉

    Maybe, as you’re shopping around for a seamstress, you could show them a printout of the two dresses and ask their opinion (a little free advice never hurts). It’s the bride’s prerogative to decide, but she’ll surely be interested in your input and preferences.

    Tell us which one is chosen!

  2. ntbeachnc says:

    I like both, but with the folds on the front of the first one, it might help hide any flaws in the stomach area (if you have any). I know that is the area on myself that I watch out for whenever I try something on.

  3. Ms. M&P says:

    I’m glad you’re back! I kept visiting for more info and was glad to see something today 😉

    I like both gowns and love the color. I LOVE the second one, but I agree with ntbeach that it could be unforgiving. Because of that, I say go with the first one.

  4. sabrina says:

    Well, I’ve met Ms. Miniducky in person, and, unlike the rest of us, she doesn’t need to hide any flaws! 🙂

    But she–er, you–need to try them on to see which is most flattering on you. Both of the dresses are elegant and unfussy, and I’m sure you’ll look beautiful in either one.

    Will there be other bridesmaids? In that case, the selection may depend on how the dress fits on them, too.

  5. Hi ladies! Sabrina, as always, too kind. Nt, Ms. M&P, good points!

    Here’s my unforgiving flaw: I’m too wee. I’m like an 8 year old playing dress up in most outfits, so the first dress (IF properly taken in) could fake all the curves I don’t have. The challenge is getting someone to take it in correctly.

    The second dress actually mostly works with my body from the waist down, it’s just that it requires you to *ahem* provide SOME of the curves, if you know what I mean.

    The problem with deciding is that the bride wants me to choose, and the other girls she’d like to ask are a foot taller, about 30+ pounds heavier and either blonde-blonde or redheaded. We’re all so different that what works well on me may not be so pleasing to them. Still, the bride’s happy to have two different dresses on her girls, so …. maybe I’ll be odd one out 🙂

  6. I like the first one a lot! They’re both pretty but the second one has the halter and the waist which look gorgeous as well.

    As for a seamstress … go to the ethnic enclaves in So. Cal and ask around there. That’s what I do – I found a woman in a largely immigrant area who speaks the same language I do and her prices are less than 1/2 of what it costs at an American tailor. And she does an amazing job each time.

  7. ~SFMM~ That’s a great idea. I was checking into my friend’s mother-in-law’s availability but apparently they’ve moved away. I have another possible Asian tailor connection that Coworker uses, so we might be in business here.

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