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Bizzy bizzy bee, that’s me

October 29, 2007

What a weekend! I’m working from home today because I had a doctor’s appointment, and I’m sure my desk will be a delight to return to.

Saturday should have been much more productive than it really was: I just picked up BoyDucky from the airport, had breakfast, ran a couple errands and got my hair cut. Speaking of, I should have known I was in trouble when the student and stylist instructor both asked “You mean, like Victoria Beckham?” Uhrm, no. So my hair’s pretty well lopped off, and I feel like I look like a boy. It’s ok, (insert *gag* here) BoyDucky says he still loves me. 🙂
Total Spend: $14

My run to Michael’s for a package of blank card stock/envelopes for bridal shower invitations was postponed until Sunday because I needed a coupon, yay for 40% off coupons, and then we spent the day at the hospital with BoyDucky’s dad. Lunch (Chipotle burrito) and dinner (Thai food) were his treat.
Total Spend: Original, $15. After coupon, $10.

Monday: I’m going to try to go through Physical Therapy to get a chiropractic referral. This neck problem has been around far too long, so I hope that a chiro will do the trick. Other than that, I just had to pick up a refill on medications, get stuck with needles for more labwork, and stop at Victoria’s Secret to combine a merch credit with my gift card.
Total Spend: $25
+ $10.76 credit.

Also, had it out with my brother about how he needs to get his act together, and not return cars running on empty. He swears that he’s through making empty promises, so he’s going to try to make it back to me with funds in two and four weeks. We’ll see. Things aren’t as dire as I make them out to be, but they will be, and I shouldn’t have to make more sacrifices of my own to fix his shortcomings.

My puppydog is being dramatic, stretched out by my foot in hopes that I’ll pet her, panting and verrrry quietly whining. She’s desperate for my attention so I’ll let her stay here while I try to work. It’d be easier without a dog’s snout under my foot, nudging every few seconds that I forgot to “pet” her, though!

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  1. Husband won’t let me chop my hair off .. he’s afraid I’ll go nuts and cut it uber short LOL

    He ain’t far off the mark, but I need my hair for winter, to keep my neck warm for now 😛

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