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How many points should I burn?

October 18, 2007

Poor hostess that I am, it just occurred to me that I should treat for the steakhouse dinner for BoyDucky’s birthday. His bro/sis-in-law are flying up and bought everyone tickets to the football game which I KNOW cost a bundle even if she won’t admit it.

I assume we’ll split costs on everything else, but one big thing should be matched by another, (yes yes, I’m SO very Asian), and this will be the least burdensome, most equitable event. I’ve already ordered $200 worth of gift cards, but there are 4 of us and they’re … foodies. Very much the appetizer, drinks, salads, entree and dessert types, while BoyDucky and I go straight for splitting a salad and entree with water on the side. We’ll likely go the middle road by sharing an appetizer and both couples will probably share actual entrees, but I’m betting wine will be involved.

That said, I wonder if $200 will be enough. Should I just over-order cards? Either risk coming up short and paying out of pocket, or be left with up to $100 worth of gift card to a restaurant we only frequent rarely. And sort of waste a whole lotta Citi Thank You points. Hmmmmm…..

4 Responses to “How many points should I burn?”

  1. Sistah Ant says:

    wow, i wish i could help but i haven’t ever spent that kind of money on an evening out. am i THAT cheap?

    but i suppose it depends on what you can afford. project yourself into the day after dinner. how do you feel about what you’ve just spent, and will you have to sacrifice something important now that you’ve spent it?

  2. ~Sistah Ant~ No, no, you’re not too cheap. You’re juuust right. I’m usually quite a cheap date, and don’t spend like this or want to be spent on like this.

    BUT, BoyDucky’s been really good all year, and I know that he’d really enjoy it. It’s pretty much his present. I won’t even say it’s a once a year event, it’s been at least two years since we’ve last been.

    I guess I’m still not sure. But I’d better decide soon if I want to spend another 10,000 Citi points. I’m starting to run low.

  3. SavingDiva says:

    Wow! You sure have a lot of citipoints! I always spend mine as soon as I get them!

  4. ~SavingDiva~ That’s my hoarding personality coming out. I’m a binge/purge hoarder/spender 🙂

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