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I’m Fed Up with Old Appliances

October 7, 2007

This blue skies, sunny day was ideal for the cleaning frenzy that struck my fancy this morning. But lo, our 15 year old vacuum has begun yet another form of mischief. Aside from just physically falling apart, losing bits and pieces of its front and sides as we go rolling-bump-bump through the house, and being remarkably intransigent when the hook-ups are needed, it’s begun to cough up ingested materials while I’m using said hook-ups!

As if weighing a thousand pounds and being the least mobile vacuum with wheels I’ve ever met wasn’t enough, it has to actually redistribute the dirt? Oh no, that’s enough. I’ve had it! I’m tossing that darned thing out tomorrow.

I’m now looking online at vacuums and discovering that I’ve never shopped for a vacuum before. It seems that everything is bagless now, which I can live with, but there aren’t a lot of vacs on that tell you what “lightweight” means in practical terms. So I know I’m looking for something that is truly lightweight, with all the usual hookups, and a LONG hose. If it telescopes so I don’t pull the vacuum over on my head while crawling under things to vacuum, that’d be even better. Fewer head injuries = happier Miniducky.

LNT currently has the Hoover Z 700 Bagless Upright Vacuum on sale for $99 with free ground shipping, and quite a lot of the above-specified needs, but I don’t know how heavy it is. Perhaps I’ll run by the store and see if they have the same deal that I can combine with a BBB 20% off coupon, as long as it meets my weight requirement.

Has anyone had good/bad experiences with Hoover? Any other recommendations? While I don’t want to spend too much, neither do I want to veer too far to the cheap side and find myself with this problem again in a few years.

Of course, the kink in this, er, “gratuitous” spending is that I’m already $200 over budget in expenses this month. The trip to NY is coming up right quick (two weeks) and there’s obviously no slack in the budget to accommodate NY spending as well as an unanticipated appliance purchase. Oh, and the lack of OT means that the next paycheck will only be 70% of the usual. Financially, I should probably wait on the purchase, but there are Columbus Day sales this weekend so if the deals are good now, perhaps I don’t have to wait until Black Friday to vacuum my house! Mmm, clean house …

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  1. Dyson is the black platinum status of vacuum cleaners but the pricetag reflects that..

    I’ve used Bissell for many years, and it’s worked quite well for me as a brand,…. save for the fact that my family has NO CLUE how to use an upright and snapped the foot pedal on it by trying to force it down *angry*…..

    *sigh* 🙂

    In short, Bissell is good.

  2. ~FB~ Dyson indeed commands black platinum prices: they start at $400!! Insane.

    Thanks for the input! I’ve decided to do my research now and aim for a Black Friday purchase. That’s much more sensible than my irritability-fueled shopping spree 🙂

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