By: Revanche

Mental Health Night

October 24, 2007

I’m not feeling so hot tonight, which might be due to the terrible air quality, so I’m going to:

1. Not think about BroDucky. Fussing about him last night gave me nightmares, literally, about fighting with him. Nope. Not gonna think about it.

2. Not worry about scheduling doctor’s appointments.

3. Or dentist appointments.

4. Not think about the wedding.

5. Not worry about BoyDucky’s dad, and how MaDucky seriously needs better health insurance.

6. Not worry about how I’m going to come up with 40K for my half of the house investing venture in the next 8 months. I can crunch numbers on the train tomorrow.

7. Take a shower, get into bed by 8 pm. Read a book, if I feel like it, or just go to sleep if my head still hurts.

That’s it.

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