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Midweek Musings

October 9, 2007

Tomorrow is payday. I’m $200 short in the expense account. The original plan was to take the money out of savings, and then pay it back from the expense account allocation. But since the expense allocation is calculated to exactly as much as I need per month for bills (aka: STINGY), this deficit won’t go away magically, not just because I SAY I’ll pay back the savings account later. I could rob the insurance savings account to pay the expense account. Not exactly the most farsighted option.

It’s not that I absolutely couldn’t take it out of savings. I don’t want to. You know how there are some things you do that make you FEEL like you’re making progress, even if only by hanging on tooth and nail? NOT touching savings is my thing. Feeling good doesn’t pay the bills, though.

There’s this upcoming trip to NY, as well.

Hm, this all came about because of that stupid truck, and my apathy in making good my threat. It’s only been two months, three counting this month, since BroDucky has missed payments, but that was more than enough time to eat up my entire expenses cushion. $400 a month is NOT pocket change!! Shame on me. Anyway, like a fool who doesn’t want to replace the windshield and deal with the car sale because I’m incredibly busy working on other side projects, I swallowed my fury and spoke civilly to him yesterday. The upshot of the conversation is though I think his “thanks for all that you’ve done and continue to do” is B.S., he’s starting a new construction job tomorrow and may actually try to redeem himself and help out. It can’t hurt if he actually does come through, right?

So, the action plan is thus:

I give him until the 19th to come through with a positive response. Meanwhile, I’ll research windshield replacement shops, and have that ready in case he doesn’t come through. I will go to New York and enjoy m’darned self, and spend no more than $300 and not worry that I don’t actually have it, because I will actually have it later. This will be my one shot at having fun regardless of when the money’s coming. This will be my play-money cut from the bonus, even though I was not planning on playing with any of that. It’s an investment in my sanity and it will be ok.

2 Responses to “Midweek Musings”

  1. Is the truck insured? If yes, there might be only a small deductible to get the windshield replaced ($50-$100) – I’ve even seen places that will give you some money back to have the windshield replaced if you have insurance

  2. Yes, the truck is insured but I’d rather just pay a couple hundred in cash than process through the insurance. I’ve set my deductible at $500, so it’s not really worth triggering insurance claims.

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