By: Revanche

The more I swear I’m not buying another car …

October 26, 2007

the more circumstances force me to wish I COULD.

We were already sharing two cars between three of us: Pa&Ma, me, while my brother was gallivanting off in his own car that he hasn’t paid for in the last 4 months. Then, my idiotic brother comes home with totally thrashed brakes and finds out that it’ll cost $600 to fix them. Never mind the fact that, according to our agreement, he no longer has the right to be making any auto-related demands, he wants Pa to call up our mechanic family friend on a Tuesday to make him fix the car.

Right. Because we are all here to serve his needs when and if he decides to exercise his privileges. As if our friend doesn’t have a job and a family and other responsibilities. Idiot. So now, we’ve got one car between the three of us because the sedan can’t be driven until the brakes are fixed, and my idiot brother is taking the truck for unknown periods of time, without considering the needs of the THREE people at home who only have one car between them.

This normally wouldn’t annoy me so very much. Weekends I just try to stay home and not need a car, or I take the train during the week, but this weekend, I need a car to go pick up BoyDucky, finally spend a little time together over breakfast and get a haircut. And Monday I need a car to go to my doctor’s appointment. But I can’t assume my own car will be available all because of one enormously entitled, poorly trained, selfish family member. Just one. That’s all it takes.

I know we’ll make do. We always find a way. It’s just aggravating that we always have to.

9 Responses to “The more I swear I’m not buying another car …”

  1. Sistah Ant says:

    so… what is Brother doing with the money he’s making at his own job? hopefully, saving for a hoopty of his own, right?

  2. Sistah Ant says:

    just to clarify, i see he has a car… but my point is if anyone should spend money it should be him, not you. let him get another ride so you can save money by keeping yours.

  3. Sounds like my siblings as well. They were all given cars (not super amazing ones, but .. decent enough) when they were younger, and they TRASHED them.. then expected my parents to foot the bill.

    I totally empathize with your situation…

  4. I definitely understand you helping your parents out financially. But it sounds like your brother needs to learn some financial independence. How old is he?

  5. SavingDiva says:

    Family and money is always difficult! My younger siblings still depend on my parents for everything…

  6. ~Sistah Ant~ Oh I agree 100%. I’m riding him hard to make him see that he’s on borrowed time, money and patience, so he’s supposed to be coming up with money he owes me (see: Loan Debacle) as well as the car and insurance money. Even when/if I sell off that truck, he still owes me whatever money I’ve already paid into it. And once I get his financial hooks out of my pocket, he’s due to fund his own car.

    ~FB~ *sigh* It’s just that much more proof that kids don’t appreciate what they’re given. Ok, that’s a gross generalization, but THIS “kid” doesn’t, and it’s only because I’m so hardline that he’ll, to any extent, try to get his act together. Wish me luck! I’ve got to train this entitlement out of him, I can’t be letting him set a terrible example for any kids I might have.

    ~Bart & Saving Diva~ Here’s the kicker: he’s NOT YOUNGER. He’s 27, turning 28 if I don’t kill him first. 😛

  7. When you’re done… come train MINE.. Or give me tips :\

    *sigh* He’s younger though, yea?

  8. ~FB~ *sigh* He doesn’t even have that excuse. But if the Butt-kicking Boot Camp works out, I’ll let you know!

  9. Oh so he isn’t younger than you?

    Then he’s in the same boat as my sibling..

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