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Next project: selling a truck

October 2, 2007

It’s time. It’s been months – multiple months – since my brother’s made a car payment and it’s time for me to seriously move on selling it. Our agreement, two years ago, was that so long as he continued payments for the car and insurance, he would have use of either the truck or the family sedan. He’s been using and abusing the sedan at will for the past two years, but had kept up with payments throughout that time.

Due to continued poor judgment in all aspects of his life, he’s been unable to make payments for either responsibility for some time now, and I’ve had to bear the cost of the truck payments. Well, no more. He’s been given notice that I’m going to have to sell, and doesn’t seem to care that he’s demonstrated once again that he’s still an irresponsible git who’s only around when he needs something. If there’s a lesson he shouldn’t have to learn, it’s that I don’t mess around.

It irks me that we’ll end up with the poorly maintained sedan after all this time, but there was only so much familial mediation I could deal with. This will leave us with my little sports car and a good deal of maintenance on the Camry. I need to Kelley Blue Book the truck, and then we’ll see where I go from there. This is a headache I really wasn’t in the mood for. The good thing about selling the truck is that since we’ve only used it lightly, it’s in pretty good shape.

Does anyone want a 2005 Toyota Tundra?

3 Responses to “Next project: selling a truck”

  1. Ms. M&P says:

    What a pain! I’m so sorry about that! I hope you’re able to sell it quickly…


    You gave him a chance to prove he’s responsible and mature, and he f*cked it up..

    He’s never going to learn unless he learns it the really hard way, and I don’t know what that’s going to take to get him to that point where he wants to make a change in his life for the better (my sibling’s the same way)…

  3. ~Ms. M&P~ So do I! I want to do it right, though, so I’ll have to take some time and do a little research.

    ~FB~ Yeah, and it’s happened again, might I add? I have no idea how long this will take or how old he has to be before he decides to get it together, but it’s not like he’s got all the time in the world!

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