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Ten Things I Love About New York

October 24, 2007

1. Living la college lifestyle: I spent from 8am Friday until 4 pm Monday en route or in lovely New York. I came in UNDER budget!!

2. We stayed at a friend’s apartment. He has a little tiny loft which never sees the light of day furnished with a lamp, a fan, a little nightstand looking thing, and a full size mattress. Lodgings: free. Exercise up and down 4 flights of stairs to the apt: free. Exercise up and down the loft’s ladder-stairs: free. Finding out that my big manly friend is scared of mice, seeing him run around in high-tops to avoid stepping on an inch-long mouse: absolutely priceless. You just can’t get that entertainment in any high-class hotel.

3. Dogs. There were dogs everywhere. I have a particular fondness for this fella ….

4. Moma. Target sponsors free admission from 4pm-8pm on Friday nights. Definitely a plus.

5. Central Park. Outdoor ice skating rink, piles of boulders to climb, long meandering paths bordered by green lawns and trees; I just can’t get over the feeling of actually being in nature right in the middle of the city.

6. Food. Lunch at Moonstruck Cafe…..

7. Food. New York Pizza ….

8. Food. Cheese balls and arepas ….

9. Food. Rice to Riches rice pudding ….

10. Food. Grilled corn from Cafe Habana ….

11. Food. Green Bo Restaurant in Chinatown ….

Yep. ALL about the food. Oh, of course, there’s a dessert shop within five minutes’ walking distance, open until midnight and a comic shop open until 1 am every night five minutes in the other direction. Bonus!

The trip was FANtastic. We ate, walked, ate, walked, and ate. Rinse and repeat. We discovered the 3:40 am last call, and the fun of walking past a gazillion bars until we found one our motley crew was happy with.

Sunday was a dedicated (Eating and) Shopping Day. Best friend shopped out of Friend E’s closet and netted about 20 items including a pair of shoes and a really cute bag for FREE. It didn’t make a visible dent in E’s closet, either. And then they took me shopping which was much less fun, but ultimately successful. I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post, though.

*sigh* I love New York.

5 Responses to “Ten Things I Love About New York”

  1. Great post! I love having visitors, because I love looking at “my” city through a visitor’s eyes. Sigh. Sometimes I feel so jaded…

  2. Great, looks like a fun time was had by all.

    I live in NY, I need to start having one tourist day per month and visit around NY like a tourist.

  3. ~gildedbutterfly~ Thanks for commenting! And I love love love your city. I did wish that another blogger meetup was scheduled when I was there, that would have been fun, too. But then again, it sounds like you’re a pro hostess already, and probably don’t need MORE company 🙂 I think it takes being away from there to realize how awesome it is. My coworker is transplanted from NY and misses it terribly.

    ~ToBB~ Oh definitely. I didn’t realize you were in NY, too, whereabouts in NY?

  4. Sounds like you had a great time!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Makes me want to go to NY now… And I totally agree about the meandering part – I love doing that here in Montreal.

  5. You make me homesick for New York! The pizza in New York is fabulous – I love Two Boot’s and Ray’s or john’s pizza and i don’t care which was the original. And the hot dogs! and desserts! oh my! how i love traveling to big cities.

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