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The more you have, the more you waste?

November 2, 2007

Time, in this case. Probably money, too, but today’s topic is time. Ever since the OT tap was turned off at work, I’ve had two extra hours every night to myself. The routine was, for time immemorial: Get home at 8:15. Eat dinner: 15 minutes. Take shower: 15 minutes. Tidy up, and get into bed: 15 minutes. Talk to BoyDucky? Some time between 9 and 10 pm, if it works out. My schedule used to frustrate him because we had a short window in which we’d get to talk, or miss each other completely because I had to sleep as close to ten as possible. Getting up before 6 am just isn’t easy. Yes, the whole 8 hours a night thing seems terribly spoiled, but I promise that it’s for the greater good. The more sleep deprived I am, the punchier I, and the worse the arthritis, get. In the pursuit of non-sausage fingers and the avoidance of bum knees, I try my best to get the eight hours in.

Now that I get home around 6:15, there’s a whole lotta futzing around on the internet that accomplishes absolutely nothing. Inevitably 9:15 rolls around and there I am, unshowered, unfed, and unready for bed. The morning alarm is still set for predawn because I still have the 1+ hour commute so it’s not like I’m getting off all that easy with the “8 hour day.”

I have GOT to get it together and either do something useful with that extra time like exercise, cook, or actually get some wedding planning done! *igh* I don’t wanna, though. Maybe I’ll let myself have a few more weeks of doing absolutely nothing useful after work. After all, I’ve got about three years of downtime to catch up on!

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  1. I struggle with the same thing. I need to either be more strict and actually follow through with some of the aspirations I have for my free time, or get involved in something where I HAVE to go and do. The former is preferable, but the latter is more likely to help focus my time.

  2. When you have less time or less money, you find ways to scrimp and be efficient… but when you have more time and more money, the opposite happens (or so I’ve found from experience)

    maybe set 3 things to do once you get home? get showering, eating whatever, out of the way FIRST, then fritter the rest of the time away?

  3. I have the same problem – controlling my free time. It’s 12am and I promised myself I’d finish writing the story by 10pm. I keep wanting to make little changes and additions and I should just stop and turn it in.

    And I haven’t even showered or attempt to clean the mess on my floor!

    FB has a great tip – do the most (3 or 5?) important things and then relax.

  4. Since you’re planning all these bridal shower and coordinating the invites, are you including a gift registry in the invites? are bringing gifts to the bridal shower usually required? im a little confused or rather scared by how much this is all costing … thanks!

  5. Thanks SF 🙂

    Ms. Miniducky.. OY! 🙂 I want to interview you but I cannot find your email address!!

    Email me at: brokeinthecity at gmail dot com

  6. ~Bart~ I think we need to create a plan so that we actually DO the stuff we want to get done.

    ~FB~ Absolutely. I’m doing that tonight. I suppose I delay just because I think, oh but I might have to run an errand, and I won’t go out after my night shower. But too bad! I can go grocery shopping and then get all the must-do stuff out of the way.

    ~SFMM~ *sigh* When I have a whole day, the procrastination is AWFUL.

    I am including the gift registry cards in the invites. I believe this is the proper etiquette to let the core guests know where the couple is registered because you can’t put that in the wedding invitation. And yes, gifts for the bridal shower are expected. It’s usually when all the lingerie and a lot of the household gifts are given.

    Oh, sorry! My email is myname at yahoo. But I’ll email ya!

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