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United: P.S. = Poor Service?

November 8, 2007

*yawn* That’s about the best reaction I can muster for United’s response to my recent grumble about their flight attendants’s behavior on my red-eye flight to NY. They had started the beverage service when I was in the bathroom, and refused to back up two lousy rows for me to get back to my seat. They made me wait until they served 17 rows, ie: 45 minutes, of passengers before I could sit down again.

No happy flier was I. After the outrage had somewhat subsided, I wrote a complaint letter admonishing United for their poorly trained flight attendants and was offered a piddly 2000 miles to soothe my irritation. Meh. Are you kidding? In any poor customer service situation I’ve ever encountered, I’ve never been offered less than 10,000 points or miles as restitution. I mean, 2,000 miles? I wouldn’t even be a quarter of the way to a discounted, short-haul award flight. Even those require 15,000 miles, much less a standard 25,000-50,000 mile redemption.

Yes, I do think that offering someone points or miles in the case of poor customer service should be a means of encouraging them to easily return to the business in question, not a pittance! It’s not like they have the ability to do-over, they should at least make a serious offer.

I’m going to ask for more. It probably won’t happen, but at least I’ll have asked.

2 Responses to “United: P.S. = Poor Service?”

  1. Kacie says:

    That’s absolutely ridiculous. I probably would have thrown a fit, because honestly, having to stand for that long is absurd. Plus, that puts you in danger.

    What if there was turbulence? Or if you were traveling with a little kid and needed to get back to her?

    The airline industry is so bad. It’s overpriced, and usually lousy service. They need to get their act together.

  2. ~Kacie~ Actually, I was so sleepy, I didn’t even think of that. I was just annoyed at the rudeness. You make some good points.

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