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And in other random news

December 14, 2007

1. I’m boycotting Christmas gift shopping this year as I’ve been more than overwhelmed with recent events.

2. I’m confused about my standing in the office. I usually have a decent rapport and line of communication with Little Boss, but reflecting on my sort-of review a few months ago, I realize that not much has changed since we had our last sitdown. He felt I wasn’t fulfilling what he sees as the responsibilities of his second in command (a position I don’t officially hold). The reason ticked me off.

He’s never laid out the terms of what those responsibilities are because he thinks that they’re “obvious.” He says they were when he was in that position supporting his first in command. Obvious? Hmph! What? I should think NOT. I can accept that he and I didn’t see eye to eye, but not telling me what he wants and then chastising me for not doing it is just wrong. During the past year, lest you think I was being a slacker, I was managing the daily activities of 3-5 staffers because he was too busy, and because that was my perception of what obviously needed doing.

This isn’t a relationship, this is a job. Assisting Little Boss is a job; what I was officially hired for is a job. If you have expectations for a position, you have to tell me what they are. I’m not in the business of reading anyone’s mind, not even BoyDucky’s, but even less so in my workplace.

I told him that I only wanted the position if I could fulfill the responsibilities well, but I can’t do that if he expects me to just read his mind and/or guess. Jobs aren’t based on instinct! Since then, I haven’t had any substantive feedback, nor a response to whether or not he thinks mentoring is worth the trouble, or if he’s just written me off as a dead-end, ambitionless staffer. In other words, have I been slow-tracked?

So we’re going to have to have another talk.

3. At some point, I need to sell the truck. Maybe look into a cheap, used car as a third vehicle for the family. It’ll be in my name so if anything happens, I can do something about it. I need to take my brother off the family insurance as well.

4. Car insurance shopping: I need to do that during my break.

5. Renter’s insurance: ditto.

6. Holy crap! I have to plan a bachelorette party for ONE WEEK from now. I’d told the other ‘maids that I was turning responsibility over to them but I haven’t heard anything since. *sigh* See? This is why I become a micro-manager! Ok, I’ll just check in with them first, and see if they’re already talking about what to do. Then I’ll freak out, if I have to.

7. Ditto the holy crap, for the local bridal shower.

8. I’d like to take a day trip. Just … something fresh, easy, fun, and quiet. Something that has nothing to do with every-crazy-thing that’s been going on, to refresh my spirit.

9. I’ll take a day with a litter of puppies, though. Puppy breath is the BEST.

4 Responses to “And in other random news”

  1. I just love it when bosses think I can read thier minds. Do I look like Ms. Cleo to you?

    The day trip sounds like a fabulous idea. Sometimes you just need a break from everything and everyone to get yourself back together.

  2. I love puppies, I had a litter of puppies at Thanksgiving last year and they were fun. Not so much fun housebreaking them in the January cold and snow, but fun anyway.

  3. ~ToBB~ Worse, when they act like you’re SUPPOSED to. Wha??

    I’m plotting to pick a day for R&R, sometime next week.

    ~bouncing back~ oooh, fun, what kind of puppies? I’d love it if you’d post pictures 🙂

  4. UGH!!!

    That’s the worst.

    I feel like saying: Look TELL me what you want me to do. It isn’t that hard.

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