By: Revanche

December Snapshot

December 4, 2007

Retirement Savings

Rollover 401(k): $1,571
Roth IRA: $3,677
401(a): $ 1,938
403(b): $11,236
Total: $18,422

Emergency Savings


Goal Oriented Savings

Car Maintenance: $641
Savings for BT repayment: $16,760
Savings for taxes: $3,929
Total: $21,330

Investment Loans

Prosper-ish: $12,630
Personal Loan: $5,000
Total: $17,630

Total Assets

Non-Liquid: $18,422
Semi-Liquid: $17,630
Liquid: $33,084
Total: $69,136

Debt and Liabilities

Truck: $7,372
BT (Brother): $16,760 due 02/08
Total: $24,132

I’ve some small gains in my retirement accounts, but that’s because the market ticked up just in time for my monthly round-up. It’s been up and down all month, and mostly down for three of the past four. It would be tough on more than just morale if I depended on it for income in the short-term.

The liquid savings was knocked back a little because the truck payment is draining my expense account every month. So far I haven’t been forced to pull money from savings to pay it yet, but I am taking savings out to pay for the costs of the NY trip as I mentioned before. I’d really like to sell it soon, but it turns out I still need the convenience of a third car at home during this difficult time.

Pa was recently downsized so if he doesn’t get a new one soon, we won’t need three cards for three people and I’ll sell the truck in January.

Overall, the assets increased by 1.5%.

Debts are decreasing steadily as well, and by equally small amounts. Due to the recent events, and all the nights I’ve spent with BoyDucky at the hospital, I haven’t killed off the BT debt to start a new one yet. I have, however, taken credit limit increases across the board for all my Citi cards in anticipation of the new BT. That increased my total credit line available for a future BT from 18k to 24k. I took advantage of Citi’s credit limit increase feature on the website to avoid any hard pulls on my credit.

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