By: Revanche

Learning to be handy around the front door

December 16, 2007

I’d say “around the house” but I’m not going to exaggerate: it doesn’t go further than the front door right now. Since the latest big brother debacle, I’ve decided to proceed with changing the locks on the doors. However, it turns out that the door is old enough that the locks used are not the standard size, and so I returned the two sets of Kwikset locks that BoyDucky and I purchased a few days ago. That was silly, I’m not going to be able to find smaller, non-standard locks from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

My only real option is to sink more money into this project than I wanted to, and enlarge the existing holes. This does mean that I’ll have to leave our lovely new locks behind when we move. (I don’t know when that is, but things are so bad in the family that I’ve been seriously considering moving.)

On the bright side, I can now learn how to use a door lock installation kit to drill a larger hole into the doors and replace those locks. I’ll be one home-improvement project point closer to being ready to own my home someday. After all, the intimidating thing about owning a home for me is all the possible repairs that inevitably pop up.

I’ve wasted a couple trips to Home Depot thanks to poor planning, but will be able to save a bit on the locks.

First, I’ve used a $20 gift card at Home Depot to purchase an Irwin-brand bimetal door lock kit, and paid $2 out of pocket.

Next stop will be Lowe’s tomorrow night where my best friend’s lil brother works. He can double check the installation kit for me, help pick out some good locks, and rekey them so that all three locks use the same key. Also, I should get it all at a ten percent discount, as he’s an employee. Most convenience packs only sell a lock and deadbolt together, not two locks and deadbolts, so I’ll need to pick up an extra lock for the steel outer door.

I’ll let you know how this goes.

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