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Victoria’s Secret snared me like a newbie

December 19, 2007

Ok, I knew I shouldn’t have flipped through the catalog, much less logged online to check the website for better clearance deals. And definitely shouldn’t have checked Fatwallet for coupons. I figured my willpower was stronger than their blandishments. But I did. And I did. And I did that, too. Oops. So much for only using my gift card.

So, the least I can do is share the coupon code spoils so that you, too, can get a Very Sexy bra and pair of underwear for $10.70, shipped, using an Angels card.

I ordered a bra that I’d been wanting, but refused to pay more than $20 for, from the Very Sexy line. It was on clearance in the catalog for $24.99, but I had to enter the product code from the catalog because it’s not searchable otherwise.

Then I added a pair of underwear at $3.99 because the order was a penny under the $25worth of coupons I was going to use.

I used the December birthday code since I never used my birthday code this year:
FA78017 for $10 off the order.
Second: PASS1207 for $15 off any Very Sexy bra.

Add the $6.95 shipping to that, and take out all the discounts, and you have one bra and panty set for $10.70, shipped!

2 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret snared me like a newbie”

  1. Athena says:

    But that’s such an awesome deal! If you were swimming in lingerie (maybe you are), I’d say yeah you got snagged. But if you aren’t, then I’d say it’s a decent expense. Can’t deprive yourself completely, right?

  2. ~athena~ Actually, you’re right. I’m not swimming in lingerie, and I like to have a back-up or two when things in the rotation wear out, so it’s not tooooo bad. In the grand scheme of things. One time expense, that’s all. 🙂

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