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11 days left in January

January 20, 2008

Zounds! It’s just past halfway through the month, and I’m down to 48 cents in my Expense account.

I still owe:

$393 — truck, 1/23
$129 — cell phone bills, 1/29
$197 — electric bill, 1/30 (Yes, that’s crazy. No, I have no idea what the HECK is going on with that. Yet.)
$719 — Total

How did this happen?? Well, I’m out $400 because of a bailout car payment, this time for MaDucky. Her paychecks are all screwed up and she didn’t have enough to cover the sedan’s payment, so she had to borrow from me. Now that that’s gone, and I’ve scraped the last of my pennies together to make the rent today, I’m all out of money until the 30th.


I expect $62 of purchase reimbursements, and another $87 for transportation costs from the office. $20 from the girls at work. Other than that, I’m out of luck until the end of the month. Shoot….. I think I’m in t-r-u-b-b-l-e!

P.S. I have an eerie feeling I talked about this not that long ago!

4 Responses to “11 days left in January”

  1. I’m sure you’ll find a way to get through! Good luck!

  2. Ms. M&P says:

    I honestly don’t know how you do it with all the loans you give. You’re a great person.

  3. ~brooke~ I appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by!

    ~Ms. M&P~ It sure does make life a little more challenging, but it’ll force me to be creative, I suppose.

  4. Yikes!! creative is right.

    Hope it works out and you don’t have to pay any sort of late fees.

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