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Our Perfect RX For Rejuvenation of the Soul

January 29, 2008

RX: Three days of unscheduled time, one planned dinner, approximately two-mile walks each day, and quiet conversation.

I’m back at work after three days of good quality time with BoyDucky, our first since September, and boy! I feel GOOD. The exercise was great in the crisply, briskly blowing winds, and the company was excellent. Our jokes about Tony Little’s Gazelle, were later echoed, to our delight, in the movie Juno. At first I feared Juno would be another Running with Scissors because I’ve been living under a Drama Rock and haven’t seen any previews, but thankfully, it was really entertaining. It rather exquisitely balanced the serious against the ridiculous. I don’t mean to knock Running with Scissors, it just wasn’t the funny we were in the mood for at the time.

On Sunday, we visited our couple friends with two kiddies, the idea of which appealed off and on when we were talking about weekend un-plans, and I’m glad we did. We were impromptu babysitters while they cooked up the breakfast foods we brought over, and then played with the kids for a couple more hours. Playing with the kids was my strength training for the day, it was a little hard on my hands and wrists, honestly, and then we took another looooong walk.

Monday was our lunch, movie and window shopping day. As I said, we saw Juno and loved it. We wandered around the downtown area for a bit, drove to the next town’s downtown and wandered around window shopping there. Inevitably, I suppose, I used part of BoyDucky’s gift card to buy two work shirts on sale at Banana Republic ($12, reg. price $34 and $15, reg. price $44). I’ll give him part of my gift card, since I’d just left my wallet at home especially to discourage spending. *sigh* Seriously, self control, anyone?? 😛

At least it was using gift cards. The red camisole is an addition to my suit rotation – I only have about 4 shirts that are suitable (heehee, “suitable”) and the plum shrug top will be my third professional top. I have a distinct lack of tops that look like they’re meant for business attire, as I trend towards more casual, layering pieces. It’s fine for my office, but not so when I have business conferences. We’ve got this trip to Las Vegas coming up in February, and it would behoove me to start preparing the wardrobe. Hm, I’ll need to factor in dry cleaning my suit into the budget next month! Aish.

I’m proud that we got out and about so much considering the cold and rain. The weather made me extremely hibernatory, especially after the walks, but it was well worth it. Financially, we did pretty well. I remembered to take care of a few bills and deposits while there, we didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on a getaway, and instead of ordering wine at our special dinner, we went home and opened our bottle of anniversary Riesling from last year’s trip to Napa. We enjoyed the 2005 Potter Valley from Chateau Montelena with some leftover dessert cheese, bread and walnuts.

It’d be lovely if this sort of weekend wasn’t a once a year phenomenon.

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  1. sabrina says:

    Oooh, it sounds lovely and loverly. Glad that you had a de-stressing weekend.

  2. E.C. says:

    That sounds like a glorious escape.

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