By: Revanche

Stitch Witchery saved my jeans!

January 23, 2008

Puppies are soooo cute … and cuddly, and adorable, and lovable. Right up until they break your pants.

Alright, so little Miss M is still cute, but I’ve learned my lesson about trusting her off the leash: don’t!

She’s still a youngun, so I should have known better, but she’d been so complacent and trustworthy all day that when I took her out to do her business before we left work for the day, I didn’t bother to clip on her leash. Why bother? She’d been impossible to motivate beyond eating, drinking, sleeping and occasionally peeing the entire day. Uh-huh. The dang dog’s nocturnal!

We went outside and she moseyed around the planters, sniffing and twitching her tail, checking out possible Hot Spots. The second I stopped paying attention, she bolted for the center of the biggest, most overgrown planter in the courtyard. I jumped right in after her, grabbed for her collar and *shhhcrack!* I stopped. Dead in my tracks. Uhm-hm. That dog made me bust my jeans open.

*shaking head*

I couldn’t believe how breezy it was, suddenly. Luckily, it was dark, we were alone outside, and I had a long shirt on that almost covered up the hole.

After I got over my fit of giggles, I hauled Little Miss Wriggly back into the office, and clipped that leash right on. *tsk* See if I ever trust her again!

R reminded me to try the Stitch Witchery bonding tape from my sewing kit. The tear was straight, extending from the corner of my pocket up to the waistband, so I found some cute green ladybug scrap fabric, and gave it a whirl. The jeans are hanging up to dry now, but it looks like the bonding tape did the job and sealed up the edges of the hole perfectly. Now I can add some stitching to reinforce the repair job, and hide the fact that my jeans had a temporary back door.

In the meantime, I inducted my backup jeans from the New York trip into the jeans rotations. It can sub in for the other jeans until they’re all better. Thank goodness for back-up clothing!

2 Responses to “Stitch Witchery saved my jeans!”

  1. ha ha haaaaa…that’s funny! i like the fact that you were able to giggle about it instead of running away in mortification, too. 🙂

    puppies…puppies…puppies. I’m obsessed. i act about puppies/dogs the way most people do about babies.

  2. ~sense to dollars~ Couldn’t be sure, but the fact that it happened once before when I was only 17 AND AT WORK meant that it was just funny this time around.

    Same here, about the puppies. We constantly gush over puppies.

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