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Wedding Recap

January 20, 2008

The big wedding was yesterday, and it was absolutely lovely. They have the first half of the wedding photos on DVD already, and those pictures were totally worth getting up at 4:30 (bride and MOH) and 6:30 (rest of the bridesmaids) for. Seriously. They were some awesome photos. I definitely want to find out how much they paid for that photographer because he was quite good. Though, his assistant was a little creepy at the reception; I think he might have been hitting on me.


We had serial spill problems: the mother of the bride was picking up litter on the church lawn before we got there, and discovered a carton of milk still had milk in it by spilling it on her dress. She had a back-up, thankfully, and ran home to get it.

The bride started freaking out that her parents were missing due to the above incident, I had to chase family members down and pin on their boutonnieres, the bride’s grandma forgot her cane, there was no water in the church for the bride, and I had a case of severe stage fright and got all emotional because my best friend of 14 years was really officially getting married and leaving us. It’s going to be so weird not having her five minutes away, just up the street. The ushers didn’t know when to start ushering. And they forgot to hand out the programs, so the guests didn’t know to leave the church for the reception site after the ceremony. Whoops ….

The ceremony was lovely, we had an Honor Guard because the groom and groomsmen were all military, and again, the post ceremony pictures were wonderful. The flower girls were darling, the groomsmen were spit and polished, the bridesmaids were sparkling, and the bride and groom were gorgeous together.

I might be biased.

And the other spill? During the bride’s moment to thank the guests, she got choked up and her groom, I love the guy – he’s just as klutzy as I am, flailed out his arm to grab her hand and comfort her. Except his go-go-gadget arms smacked her champagne glass instead, flinging the entire glass of champagne on her dress. Ironically, this happened just as she thanked me for all my help and support, and there I was, frantically wiping champagne off her dress. Show and tell!

I missed most of the hors d’oerves because we were late making our grand entrance, but I did get a crab wonton and it was heavenly! Our lunches were either stuffed chicken or steak, both of which were unbelievably tender, with perfectly steamed and sliced peppers, snap peas, green beans and other veggies, and a side of the creamiest mashed potatoes ever. The chef really outdid himself.

The wedding cake was three tiered: one lemon cake, one carrot cake and a mystery tier for their anniversary. I was a little confused because they didn’t do an official cake cutting part of the night, but that’s ok. The mystery tier is in my freezer because they haven’t any room left in their freezer, and I keep wondering if I can steal some …. mmm…caaaake. They only need a slice or two for next year, right? Right?

Anyway. I was so tired after we unpacked their 13 tons of gifts that I could barely eat dinner that night. BoyDucky was awesome and made us soup and dumplings, but it took me half an hour to get through a bowl of chicken and rice soup.

And I’m still tired today. But everyone was very pleased with how it went off after all the stress of the past few months, and I’m happy for her. She’s got a good guy, and she’ll be happy with him.

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  1. Bart says:

    Ms. MiniDucky,

    Where did you find your progress widgets?



  2. sounds fun! I love it when someone deserving has something great happen to them. It’s almost more satisfying than having it happen to yourself.

  3. ~Bart~ I use an html template. If you email me, (my name at yahoo), I’d be happy to send it to you.

    ~sense to dollars~ It was fun, and well worth all the worrying beforehand. 🙂

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