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News from a funeral

February 3, 2008

If I weren’t already completely impressed by the familial legacy my Grandma left behind, the early tidbits I’ve heard about her funeral so far would pretty much wrap that up.

Over a thousand people descended on her farm in a tiny village to pay their respects within a 24 hour period. Whole families from out of town came, despite the tradition of sending one or two family representatives to long distance services. My poor relatives were run ragged! I have a sneaking suspicion that even more would have come from out of the country had the funeral not been scheduled so quickly.

The near equivalent of a Bishop in the religion she observed came from the big city to deliver a eulogy and chant absolution-type prayers.

It’s good to have a little *confirmation* that a great many other people, not all her relatives, loved and respected her.

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  1. Ms. M&P says:

    That’s amazing. She sounds like she was incredible. You’re definitely cut from the same cloth!

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